MECACORE starts its business activity in the early 1990's as a result of a new sector emerging in Alava's industry, the aviation industry.

This sector creates a demand for our products with specific requirements, regarding resistance, weight, durability, etc., inherent to the aviation industry, and where there already was experience in its treatment and industrial applications; they are the so-called composites.

Within this framework, MECACORE starts as a subcontractor of Gamesa Aeronáutica and manufactures several sub-assembly components for the aviation sector in the materials already mentioned.
The high level of specialization in the treatment of these materials, as well as the reliability acquired in their manufacturing, has enabled MECACORE to enter another production sector, a production sector that is very demanding when it comes to quality and has promising future prospects, the industry of wind turbine components.

The incursion in this new scope of activity is carried out as a contractor of Gamesa Eólica and is characterized by a large volume of production as well as the size of the pieces manufactured.

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